Dist. Mtg.:  Dec. 19, 2020 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Meeting ID: 388 952 4449 Passcode: 101720

Calling all members of District 4 to Service!!

In January 2021, a new District 4 panel or board will take the helm.  Service at this level is an awesome way to practice the principles of the Al-Anon program!

The District 4 Panel is composed of Group Reps, Officers and Coordinators.  Officer and coordinators, like GRs generally serve for a term of 3 years.  Each term begins January 1st and ends December 31st three years later.  The current panel is now in its 3rd year and its term ends December 31, 2020.  Members holding current positions may choose to stand again. Elections will be held for the officers and coordinators by all members of the panel at our October district meeting.  

The District meets 6 times a year, on a Saturday, generally for 2 ½ hours, either in person or via Zoom.    It makes decisions on various matters and sponsors the district’s annual Day in Al-Anon.   Two (2) years of consistent membership in Al-Anon is recommended as a baseline.  Dual program members (AA & Al-Anon) are eligible to hold most positions at the District level.

The positions with job responsibilities are listed below.  Full descriptions of these positions can be found at Al-Anon.org (https://al-anon.org/for-members/members-resources/manuals-and-guidelines).  

                                          Please share this info with our members!

1. DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE ("DR")- Leads the bi-monthly district meetings, disseminates information to the Groups, represents the District at NCWSA and WSO assemblies, conferences and other gatherings, and reports to the district regarding communications from those organizations. The DR must have held the position of GR for at least two years, whether in the past or on a current basis.  

2. ALTERNATE DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE-Steps in for the District Representative at district meetings when necessary and supports the DR in other matters as requested.

3. SECRETARY-Takes minutes of the district's bi-monthly business meeting, distributes the minutes to members, and maintains the historical archive of all district meeting minutes. 

4. TREASURER- Collects donations, makes deposits into the checking account, writes checks for rent, literature and other expenses as approved by the district, creates a yearly budget, draws up and distributes bi-monthly financial statements at the district meetings and represents the district in financial matters. 

5. LITERATURE COORDINATOR-Maintains the district literature depot, purchases CAL literature, prices the literature for resale at cost, makes sales to the Groups and individual members, makes CAL literature available at Al-Anon and AA functions.

 6. PUBLIC INFORMATION/CPC COORDINATOR-distributes CAL to individuals, organizations, and professionals within the communities represented by the district.

7. GROUP RECORDS COORDINATOR-maintains the database of information on each group in the District, updates the NCWSA and WSO regarding changes to the information on file and keeps a record of other district officer information such as email addresses and phone lists.

8. NEWSLETTER EDITOR-publishes regular newsletter on Al-Anon district and group activities and outreach.

9. DISTRICT TELECOMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR-maintains a list of Al-Anon members who volunteer to take telephone calls from interested parties, and manages the Google phone message. 

10. DISTRICT 4 ALATEEN PROCESS PERSON-Coordinates the necessary activities and paperwork to certify qualified Al-Anon members as "Al-Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service." 

11. WEBSITE COORDINATOR - The website coordinator is in charge of updating information on the District 4 website and cooperating with the NCWSA webmaster.

12. ALATEEN COORDINATOR - works closely with the Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP) and assists Alateen AMIAS’ with growing Alateen and addressing problems or concerns arising in groups and districts. others.