Order Literature

District 4 is now an authorized Literature Distribution Center (LDC).    Ordering literature in District 4 has never been easier for groups! Literature is a vital link in Al-Anon/Alateen service, carrying the message of recovery and unity through Al-Anon/Alateen Conference Approved Literature (CAL) to groups and members.   Our Literature Coordinator is familiar with Al-Anon/Alateen literature and acts as a resource. 

To order literature contact

Sheilah K. 

👉Click this link to obtain an Order Form  https://al-anon.org/pdf/S16.pdf  
👉Click this link to obtain a Catalog  https://al-anon.org/pdf/S15.pdf
OTHER OPTIONS:  You may also order literature directly from the World Service Organization in Virginia. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. To order from the WSO website click this link:  https://ecomm.al-anon.org/ICommerce/Store/StoreLayouts/Home.aspx?WebsiteKey=00afcaa0-eaa4-4375-bbeb-650c5e3e0b3c    

AL-ANON/ALATEEN ELECTRONIC LITERATUREThe following Conference Approved Literature is available for purchase through your electronic media provider. See the “AV/Audio” or “Electronic Literature” categories at this link:  https://ecomm.al-anon.org/iCommerce/Store/StoreLayouts/Category_BP_Results.aspx?InitialText=Category-Electronic%20Literature 

  • AlateenHope for Children of Alcoholics e-book (eB-3) 
  • One Day at a Time in AlAnon audio book (eA-6) 
  • Courage to Change e-book (eB-16) 
  • Courage to Change audiobook (eA-16) 
  • How AlAnon Works audiobook (eA-22) 
  • How AlAnon Works e-book (eB-22) 
  • Having Had a Spiritual Awakening . . . e-book (eB-25) 
  • The Forum magazine